GBMS SchoolPool

Feb 2, 2021

We are excited to inform you that we have partnered with SchoolPool and Way-To-Go to provide a free and secure way for families to organize carpools to and from school.

If you have transportation for your student(s):
Please sign-up anyway! You may be the person that can help a family near you. You also could potentially work with another family so that you can take turns driving students to or from school.

If you need transportation for your student(s): Sign up ASAP!

How to sign-up:
1. Using a computer (not a smart phone), create an account and register your household address or intersection here:

2. Add comments to indicate what Cohort your student is in (A or B). This way you can connect with parents who are driving to and from school on the days needed. Cohort A attends in-school classes on Mon/Tues and Cohort B attends on Wed/Thurs. You can also write special requests or preferences, such as “can provide morning rides in exchange for afternoon rides,” “student is in after-school activities,” or “looking for a walk buddy in the mornings.”

3. Find and contact interested Grant Beacon families in your neighborhood or along your drive to/from school.

4. If you do not see any families near you, check back regularly because it will take some time to get families registered.

If you have any questions contact


CMAS Update

CMAS Update

We know this has been an unprecedented year of challenges, and we want to be sure to provide as much information and support as possible as we move toward CMAS testing.  The Beacon Network is encouraging and is prepared for students to take  CMAS. The information will...

The Testing Season is Upon Us!

The Testing Season is Upon Us!

Several times each year, we embark on testing season as an important part of measuring students’ academic progress. We realize that in some cases, learners do not understand the significance of these days that are divided into specific timed segments, each covering a...



Before coming to school each day, each student should be checked for COVID-related symptoms. Items student will need: 6 Digit DPS Student ID (this is also the lunch number)

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