Keep Learning! 5 Ways to Support Remote Learning for Parents

Jun 30, 2020

Many schools across the United States have closed their doors to prevent the spread of Covid-19. For parents, they now face juggling work situations and basic needs while engaging their students with remote learning at home. This new reality is difficult, but a lot of resources are available to help parents during this time. Below are five strategies for parents to help keep their students on track while school is closed.

Schedule time for fun!

While this is obviously not a vacation, remember to have some fun with your kids while they’re at home. Use this time as a bonding opportunity. Experts suggest family activities such as family board games, charades, or chess, or heading out together on a stroll.

While this is a stressful, uncertain time, apart from schoolwork, it is a chance to take part in other activities. Speak to your student regarding their talents, interests and where they need further help. Here are some more local activities that your students can do safely right in the comfort of your home.

Courtesy of a donor, Bhavana Kids Yoga now has unlimited access to their yoga and mindfulness activities for the entire Beacon Network to bKIDS Online Academy. Please email to request the username and password. If your student wants to learn about music and acting, Neighborhood Music and Theatre is offering online classes.  Nexplore, one of our latest Quarter 4 providers, has several courses for purchase. Topics include STEAM, art, life skills, fitness and more!

Create a space for learning

It’s necessary to create your student’s learning environment. In a peaceful, relaxed environment, your students can do their best work. This room can be a separate layout from when they typically play games or watch TV.

Make a schedule with your children

Show your students how to make goals, assignments, and deadlines, much as adults do while they are working. Help them write daily and weekly learning goals. The creation of a schedule will allow them to see that since they’re home, it doesn’t mean that they have no homework or assignments to do.

Take Breaks from the News and Talk

Limit news that may be disturbing, particularly for young studuents. Make sure your students take a lot of breaks away from the screens to get physical activity and time away from the news. Remind your student that they are safe at home with family. Ask them how they feel. They can draw or write about it.

Stay Connected with Other Parents and Teachers

Keep in touch with the teachers and other parents to work closely together. Don’t stop asking for help. Ask other parents to see what they find to be helpful and see if they need support, too.

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