DPS Press Release on Succeeds Prize

Oct 28, 2020

Two Denver Public Schools Awarded Transformational Impact Award

Colorado Succeeds Recognizes Elementary and Middle Schools As Top Performers

Denver – Beacon Network Schools and Wyatt Academy were recently awarded the Transformational Impact Award in the Elementary School and Middle School categories in the annual The Succeeds Prize competition, organized by Colorado Succeeds. The awards program recognizes and amplifies top performing Colorado schools and educators for their work in building agile systems that support learners.

“We were a low performing school and now we are one of the highest performing middle schools in DPS,” said Alex Magaña, executive director of Beacon Network Schools. “What makes us unique is that we focus around blended learning, enrichments, character development and also critical thinking.”

Beacon Network Schools uses different class scheduling, enrichment providers and personalized learning for students that helped to change the school’s performance. Magaña says students felt like they had leadership opportunities that applied beyond the classroom.

Wyatt Academy spent time talking with their families one-on-one to better understand their needs and develop a school culture and instructional program that would best serve them.

“We found the courage to step outside the box and really create a community style of learning that serves our kids and our families,” said Kate Mishara, executive director of Wyatt Academy. “We really believe in inquiry-based, hands-on learning. We want our students to guide their own learning.”

Both schools received $15,000 each in prize money. Wyatt Academy is using the funds to boost their remote learning program for all learners. Beacon Network will use the funds to support enrichment offerings that can extended into a remote environment.

Applicants for the award are reviewed by Colorado Succeeds staff and an advisory committee of education, business, and philanthropic leaders in Colorado who support Colorado Succeeds in identifying finalists.


CO Food Cluster

CO Food Cluster

As part of our ongoing effort to ensure all of our students and families have their basic needs met, Beacon Network Schools is excited to partner with The Colorado Food Cluster program to deliver free daily dinners & snacks to our students at home each week. All...

The Season of Giving…

The Season of Giving…

What do the Holidays mean to you? How does your family recognize this important season? Regardless of your faith, background and familial traditions, this is universally recognized as a season of giving. . . a time to express our gratitude for those individuals and moments in life that have caused us to pause and realize we are fortunate and we are blessed. . . a time to share our gifts and our time with others without expecting anything in return . . .a time to reflect on how we would like to make the world a better place individually and collectively.

As the Beacon Network, we strive to teach the importance of giving as part of one’s contribution to the larger community. This may be accomplished through a variety of venues . . .giving of one’s time. . . offering one’s talents to a project . . . providing financial support. . . Giving is dones in a multitude of ways. As this unique season is upon us, we want to encourage you to talk about the opportunities and lessons we all are able to recognize through the gift of giving. It is when we learn there is a sense of purpose and selflessness that arises when we pause and consider other needs above our own, or when we realize that we all lives are enriched when goodness is experienced in a collective sense.

Be. Creative. Be. Intentional. Be. Innovative. Be. Beacon. . .

What is Innovation?

What is Innovation?

When one mentions the word school, what comes to mind?  Typically, this word carries a great deal of weight accompanied by mixed emotions, connected to numerous memories of our own experiences years ago. School may immediately generate a series of pictures, like a...

GBMS Virtual Tour & Q&A Sign Up

GBMS Virtual Tour & Q&A Sign Up

Greetings future Griffins! Please complete this form to sign up for one of GBMS' Virtual Tour and Live Q&A Events. After signing up you will be emailed a virtual event link along with a video to watch BEFORE your live event. The video will share with you about our...

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