CMAS Update

Feb 28, 2021

We know this has been an unprecedented year of challenges, and we want to be sure to provide as much information and support as possible as we move toward CMAS testing.  The Beacon Network is encouraging and is prepared for students to take  CMAS. The information will be used to reflect on current academic programming and next steps.  Furthermore, a letter (provided in both english and spanish) has gone out this week and has all of the information you will need about testing, including how to include your student(s) in testing if you are currently remote, as well as how to opt-out of testing if you are currently remote. Contact information is provided if you have further questions or concerns.


The CMAS tests are closely aligned with the new Common Core Standards, and they help teachers and students know what they have learned this year and what they still need to work on. 


  • English/Language Arts (ELA): April 13, 14, 15 (in the morning)
  • Math: April 13, 14, 15 (in the afternoon)
  • Science (8th Grade only): April 20, 21, 22 (morning testing only)


Here are a few ways you can help support your student:


  • Studies show that eating breakfast in the morning improves concentration and brain functioning.


  • Make sure your student is able to get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.   


  • Ask them about what was on the test and how they are feeling about it.
  • Tell them you believe in them. We are so proud of our students, and we try to tell them every day – make sure they know that you feel the same way!


Every time you ask your student “How do you know?” or “What makes you think so?” you are encouraging deeper reasoning skills. Please continue to check in with them on a daily basis, remind them to complete their nightly homework, review their progress reports, attend our monthly parent group meetings, and send them to school with all of their necessary materials (including their charged Chromebook). It is proven that kids are successful when parents and schools work together.  


If your student is currently remote, but you would like to opt in to CMAS testing, please complete this form so that we can best plan for social distancing. When your student comes in for testing, they will be with their homeroom teachers for the entire testing day. In the event that the homeroom group becomes too large to properly distance, we will have spare test administrators available so that we can test in smaller groups.


While we believe that these tests are important, we understand that some families may decide they do not want to come in-person to participate in testing this year due to COVID-19.  All testing must be done in person as there is no remote testing option.  If you choose to opt out, you must fill out the opt out form located in the Parent Portal under the “See All Apps” tab by clicking on the link for Complete Assessment Opt-Out Form.  This form is available for both students learning in-person and those learning in the virtual program.  Please complete this form no later than March 5 as this information is vital to our planning process.  We need to have an exact count of students who will and will not be participating so that we can adjust staffing, testing schedules and adhere to all health and safety guidelines

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!


GBMS Continuation & EOY EVENTS

GBMS Continuation & EOY EVENTS

6th Grade 6th Grade Picnic (5/26): On Wednesday May 26th, students will be going outside from approximately 10:30 am-12:00pm for the 6th grade picnic. As a special treat, the 6th grade picnic will feature a barbecue with hamburgers and hot dogs along with shaved ice...

BNS CMAS 2021 Schedule

BNS CMAS 2021 Schedule

We will be completing our CMAS testing for students that are in-person learning or those who are fully remote but are opting into testing next week. Testing will take place on Tuesday, April 13th, Wednesday, April 14th, and Thursday, April 15th during normal school hours. Please see below for details on testing for each grade level.

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