Beacon Approach

Pillars of Personalized Learning

Developed by the Beacon Network Schools staff, these four pillars are the foundation of our curriculum that seeks to meet the individual needs and maximize the potential of each learner within the dynamic, engaging, comprehensive learning environment. 

Blended Learning

By intentionally partnering instructional time in the classroom with ongoing access to technology, students are provided with a personalized learning platform capable of meeting their individual academic needs. Additionally, blended learning affords learners the opportunity to take ownership of their experience by promoting both their voice and their choice. Student growth and achievement is measured frequently by our educators, and students understand and intentionally track their individual performance.

Enrichment Opportunities

Intentionally increasing students’ exposure to learning experiences beyond the traditional academic setting, BNS provides all learners with high quality, comprehensive experiences as part of an extended school day schedule. These offerings include classes in five unique categories: S.T.E.M, Athletics, Arts & Culture, Leadership, and Academics. This invaluable time allows our students to learn from and work with high quality instructors through formal community partnerships.

“When school-aged and teens do not have access to such programming and are left unsupervised, they are more likely to receive poor grades, drop out of school, and engage in high-risk behaviors than children who participate in constructive activities supervised by responsible adults.”

NEA- Education Policy and Practice Development- Center for Great Schools




Students Pick


Per Quarter

Course Breakdown

  • S.T.E.M. 30% 30%
  • Arts and Culture 30% 30%
  • Leadership 15% 15%
  • Wellness and Sports 15% 15%
  • Academics 10% 10%


Committed to the total development of our students, a BNS education includes a strong focus on characteristics that influence one’s success professionally and personally.

Weekly, students who demonstrate one of the Beacon Character Traits are recognized by the school community. Specifically, students are tasked with displaying a strong commitment to Leadership, Perseverance, Integrity, Curiosity, and Kindness.



Our students nurture abilities in themselves and others to make an equitable impact on their community.



Our students demonstrate the ability to establish goals and work in pursuit overcoming challenges, even after experiencing difficulty or failure.



Our students display an intrinsic motivation to be honest and fair in their consideration and regard for self, others, and community.



Our students exemplify the desire to learn and show initiative to explore new things.



Our students exhibit friendliness, empathy, generosity, and consideration.

Critical Thinking

Through analysis, inquiry, and evaluation, students discover the importance of utilizing factual information to develop a solid argument, draw a thoughtful conclusion, or resolve a complex issue. This important, universal skill of critical thinking assists our BNS learners far beyond their middle school years.

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